Me Myself and I

I am first time blogger but a veteran dreamer.

I love to cook and eating is my favorite pastime.

I am sucker for artsy-fartsy things and I like to recycle or revamp any~thing.

I like to travel and I wanna be the next Samantha Brown or Ian Wright.

My family calls me Prim (a nickname that my parents derived from the word “premature” because I was so excited to see the world that I was born two months earlier).

My elementary and high school classmates call me Jonita (the sum of both my grandmothers’ names: Josefina + Nenita).

My college friends and work colleagues call me Jon and I prefer people calling me that. Short and simple.

I am an only child but I have the most adorable adopted pets in the world, Giga, my friendly rottweiler and our two rescued cats, Bully-Bully (Yes, he is a bully cat) and Mamona.


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